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Interior & Landscape Design 

by Studio As Life
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Proposed in 2016








To achieve the modern Italian minimalist concept, we cover most of the house structure in perforated fibre cement boards. 90% of the existing building structure has remained for budget control and efficiency. The clean cuboid combination forms the architecture to avoid unnecessary waste. For the common areas, we believe in the Bauhaus spirit and just fill in with necessary furniture and fixture. On the other hand, the room's design follows the different personalities of the family members with different colours and textures.


The planter box at the corner of the swimming pool is to minimize the visibility from the dining area to the pool because of the feng shui.


The car room extension is to fit the client’s car collection. On the top, it’s a casual sky garden.


As the ground floor is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, it gets full of sunlight and garden view from the outside. The interior is spacey and neat with some touches of color and texture to make the residents tranquil every time they are back from chaos.    


The first floor is the area of co-existence. The similar design concept of every bedroom with different color scheme is the symbol of family unity and co-exists with different disposition. 


The rejected exterior design that was wrapped horizontally with concrete walls over the front part of the bungalow building. It contented a long balcony which could be accessed either with outdoor hidden staircase behind the wrapping wall or the sliding glass door from the 1st floor master bedroom. The balcony could be the roof of car park. 

This design would not involve in changing any existing building structure.

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