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Logo Design, Book and eBook Design

by Studio Serjenq

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Completed in Apr 2021

The logo design is referenced from the 1950s stamp style. The planet symbol has the meaning of ambition, imagination and everlastingness.


"Everything in Life Is a Fire" is the debut of Danochow as a writer. It collects 132 pages of poetries and haikus from 2009-2020. The whole collection is like a diary of the author from his uni-life through his 30s. Enhancing with old film photos which were taken by his father during the same age as the author's writing period.

The cover is designed as a diary in the mid-20-century. Those handcrafted detail and typewriting bring the audience back to when the digital device and the internet do not exist; when people still express what they see and how they feel through writing. 

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