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Interior & Landscape Design 

by Studio As Life
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Proposed in 2016


Casa Tropika is a residential design project based on the existing house structure. The concept is to bring American mid-century modernist style to this tropical land in a contemporary way. As the parents especially point out that they hope the kids to be creative. Therefore, we create a series of different material boards for each room and area full of colours and textures. And also, a chic playground inspired by a treehouse and maze is a must for such a big outdoor area.


(Left to right)

Balcony and living area

- Upon fengshui, the altar should be placed   at the entrance.

Garden and playground

- Tree house is their kid's favourite. Based   on the safety and practicality, a house-

  shape shelter with a little tree going

  through is created. 

- Maze is a long term interactive idea when the kid grows.  

Dining area, dry and wet kitchen

Theater room with soundproofing 





(Left to right)

Mother's bedroom

- The light colour scheme lights up the life

  of the client's mother from the pain of


Daughter's bedroom

- A flexible pastel colour scheme set-up for

  her age of 5 to 10 year-old.




(Left to right)


- This luggage-friendly spare room comes

  with fixed hangers and a study desk.

  It makes the guest(s) feel home.

Outdoor chilling area

- flexible furniture and plant arrangement

  with a full-height patterned-sunshade. 






(Left to right)

1st floor walkway and opened library

- It's a multi-functional area where the

  parent work or read and play together

  with the kid.

Master bedroom

- with fitting area, dressing area, TV with

  sofa and a working desk.


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