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Installation art for Saturday Indesign

Group project by invitation
Ang Siang Hill, Singapore

Proposal in 2012


Team member

Haruka Hikita, Cho Ser Jenq,

Ng Mei Ling, Josephine Halim,

Eshton Chua, Jane Febrina


Kokuyo(Japan) has invited Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Space Matrix (Australia) to collaborate to design an installation art during Saturday Indesign Singapore Tour 2012.


Our team proposes "air, water and stream" as the concept. On the ground floor, the bubble-like balls represent the air in the water. On the second floor, the guests feel like living with air when sitting on the rocking bubble wrap sofa. The Washi (traditional Japanese paper) on the ceiling is so light that it is able to be flown by the weak air coming from air-conditioners.




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